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Bass Black & Tan Pub Kit

Bass Black & Tan Pub Kit

Bass Black & Tan Pub Kit. Pretty decent packaging.

For those uninitiated with the fine art of the Black & Tan, the drink is comprised of a 50/50 mixture of pale ale and stout (poured in that order). When poured carefully over an upside-down spoon or a bar tool called a brolly, the stout will remain on the top half of the glass and present a mind-blowing display of, well, black and tan beer layers. Those who do not leave the house very often will be immediately impressed, while those who just want to drink the darn beer wouldn’t mind if the two varieties were simply mixed from the initial pour. My guess is bartenders everywhere hate this drink. Another round of Black & Tans? Ugh.

In any event, the world of Black & Tans has just been showered with blessings in the form of a ‘Pub Kit’ from Bass. Containing three bottles each of Bass Pale Ale and Bass Stout, the pub kit is a great way to share classic Black & Tan flavor with friends and family. If that doesn’t bring a smile to your beer soaked lips, Lord help us all.

Available now at fine retailers everywhere, including Lakeridge Wine & Spirits! Cost is a mere pittance at $7.99.

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